Executive Producer/Director: Monique Younger

I tell stories. I watch people. I root for the underdog. I am the underdog. Born and bred in the borough of Queens, NY – the suburb where Prince Hakeem traveled to find his queen, where Run DMC rocked the block, where LL Cool J couldn’t live without his radio, led by the people’s instinctive travels and paths of rhythm, in the city that never sleeps – that New York. A place that demanded, that like a rose from concrete, I rise up to build something from nothing. To take random thoughts, random images and weave the common thread. My films weave the common thread.


Growing up in Hollis, Queens, during the golden age of hip hop, at the height of the crack epidemic, there was probably no one she knew that fit in less! While she’d never miss an episode of Video Music Box or Yo! MTV Raps, one could just as easily find Monique glued to her Judy Blume books or conducting experiments from her set of World Book Encyclopedias.

As movies like Re-Animator provided her audience with Hollywood’s undead; The Last Dragon, Annie, Star Trek, and Kung Fu theater facilitated her escape from the zombies in her hood. Entertainment literally saved her life. Now, she is forever in debt and in the dark of night, after tucking to bed her darling son and her Costume Supervising alter ego, Monique, the writer/producer/director/and sometimes editor, unsheathes her pen to go about the business of building escape hatches to brave and bold worlds for multicultural audiences.



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