As someone who has benefitted greatly from the mentorship of many generous professionals over the course of my own career, giving back to young people remains a priority.

Monique, mentoring high school senior, Jayson Brown on the ins and out of production

In addition personally mentoring college and high school students, as well as the many panels and workshops on which I speak at schools and networking events across the metro area, I designed and coordinated a group of media courses serving youth in underprivileged communities.

Media, Tech & Arts Academy

Over the course of the week-long camps, our instructors taught media literacy and allowed the children opportunity to:

  • Learn media literacy
    • lectures/discussions on media and media influence
    • film analysis and breakdown
  • Learn about different types of media production
    • hands-on film, television, audio & music production utilizing:
      • desktops, laptops, tablets, cameras, lighting. audio and DJ equipment
      • set design, makeup, wardrobe and props
    • acting workshops
    • meet and learn from working professionals in the creative arts industries
    • imagine, script, act in, and produce their own productions


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